Leather Belt - Black Cherry Floral

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Black Cherry, fully hand tooled belt in a floral pattern.  Stocked in these styles:

  • 1" Taper

  • 1 1/2" Straight (Pictured)


Each belt is fully hand tooled and made of American saddle leather. Its back is also lined in top grain leather and is accented with fine stitched and hand rubbed edges. Available in sizes 28" to 46" in 2" increments.

Our black cherry, floral tooling pattern is available in 2 belt styles:
1-1/2" belt tapered to 1" -fits our 1" buckle sets. Item # 041-100
1-1/2" straight belt - fits our 1-1/2" buckle sets. Item # 041-103

Please note that as our western tooled leather belts are each individually cut by hand, their widths may vary slightly.

Interested in tooling your name into your belt? That can definitely be done. Please contact us for details at 1-800-344-7457.

A rule of thumb is order a belt 2" larger than your pant size. If you wear a 36" pant, we'd recommend ordering a 38" belt. For a definitive size, lay your existing belt out flat and measure the distance between the turn back (where the buckle is connected) and the hole you're currently using on that belt.
  1. Disappointed Review by George

    Have several Vogt belts and this is the first disappointment. Purchased to go with a New Yorker buckle set. The tapered end of the belt is so short that the buckle tip is partially under the silver keeper when the belt is worn in the middle hole. Needs to be at least one inch longer to make the buckle set look right.

    VOGT RESPONSE: Very sorry to hear that the belt wasn't all that you'd hoped for. The tapers are designed to be worn in the middle 3rd hole of the belt. In this position there should be enough room for the tip to pass far enough through the keepers and not be hidden beneath. We are more than happy to exchange this for a larger size. (Posted on 1/20/2015)

  2. Excellent belt! Review by Richard

    Beautiful quality. Web site was easy to use and ordering was a snap. Sizing instructions were right on. (Posted on 5/23/2014)

  3. Beautiful belt. Well made of excellent leather. Review by Doug

    This is a beautiful belt. I have to agree with another poster that it does not match the photo. The belt I received is almost all black with few red highlights. The belt in the photo is mostly red with black highlights. (Posted on 4/29/2013)

  4. Good Quality Review by flyway

    Good quality materials, craftsmanship is good. I would prefer the leather be split a hair thinner to reduce the thickness of the belt and make it a little more flexible and pliable. (Posted on 4/20/2012)

  5. Great Belt Review by Crosby

    This is a beautiful belt! The quality is outstanding!! You will not be disappointed with this purchase. (Posted on 4/12/2012)

  6. Belts Review by Ray

    Third Vogt belt I have purchased. Excellant quality and workmanship!!!! These belts were made to last!! (Posted on 3/28/2012)

  7. Black Belt & Between Belt Sizes Review by Richard

    The Belt is beautiful. The Strike on my Silver Belt Buckle's Inside Flap is on the Left Side of the Buckle. I had a new Hole punched in the Size 34' Belt beyond the Manufactured Holes. A 35" is what I probably needed for my 32" Waist (34" too Short & 36" too Long).

    Tx - Dick (Posted on 2/23/2012)

  8. Top quality leather from Old Mexico! Review by Anthony

    Very pleased with the selection and design of Vogt leather belts! I own several Filson leather belts and would recommend Vogt leather belts to others. (Posted on 1/18/2012)

  9. product excellent : size -wrong Review by JimB

    The belt is excellent, and as shown. My only complaint: I ordered a size 38 and received a 40. I kept the belt and had it cut back to 38 at the local leather repair shop. Otherwise everything was good.

    Vogt Response: Really sorry about that Jim. We'd have been more than happy to pick up the freight on the belt return and get you the correct size. Thanks for the kind words despite the screw up... (Posted on 9/6/2011)

  10. black belt Review by ernest

    service excellent,website excellent,belt not as pictured......almost entirely black,placed on top hand set so wanted some cherry for a "flashy,looking good set"........eb

    Vogt Response: Thanks for the review Ernest. Our leather craftsmen individually, hand mix the dye for each run of a particular belt and while our color is consistent, the sides of leather are not. Some absorb color at different rates and as such our tones may vary depending on the unique properties of each side of leather. We try to keep it within an acceptable range and it sounds like your belt was on the darker side of that range. Thanks again for the feedback and we will continue to try and improve our color ranges... (Posted on 5/17/2011)

  11. Top Quality Review by JAMES

    This belt is TOP QUALITY the hand tooling is excellent and it looks good. It goes well with jeans or slakes.

    Customer service was the best ever.

    Ordering was fast and friendly.

    Shipping was super fast as I received the belts within two days.

    This is my third Vogt belt and if have been happy with each and every one of them.

    I will defiantly be ordering from you again. Thank-you.


    (Posted on 4/8/2011)

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Hand Tooled Leather Belts


Experience the ultimate in durability, style and comfort of a hand crafted, hand tooled leather belt crafted by Vogt Silversmiths. Offering a selection of nearly 50 unique belt styles and an endless menu of custom, hand tooled leather belts the quality and detail of these belts is found in the selection of leather and the craftsmanship that goes into the tooling and assembly of each Vogt hand tooled leather belt. As with the tradition of our silversmiths, many of our leather artisans have learned this artistry and craftsmanship from their ancestors – and the tradition continues.

When one is able to understand the time and artistic skillfulness required to hand craft each Vogt belt it is not hard to understand the value behind each piece.


Where It All Begins….

Each Vogt Silversmiths hand tooled leather belt is dyed, dried and hand cut from top quality, 7/8 oz. saddle leather, tooled by hand and lined with a top grain lining leather.

The hides selected for our hand tooled leather belts are vegetable tanned, often referred to as “oak-tan leather”, submersing the leather in a solution that contains natural tannin that preserves the leather creating a surface that can be hand tooled and stitched. Once the hide is prepared a “blank” is cut to create the width and length of the belt – this is the canvas by which the tooled pattern will be carved. Through a series of five to eight steps the pattern comes alive on the leather canvas.

The lining is then shaped and glued to the belt base, once the adhesive has cured the edges are precisely trimmed and the belt is ready to be stitched. Our hand tooled leather belts are single or double stitched, depending upon the style and design to assure the integrity of the belt. Several of our styles use a buck-stitch or whip-stitch to create the accent of a hand stitched belt.


Selecting Your Style

A Vogt Silversmiths hand tooled leather belt provides a utilitarian purpose that we can all appreciate; however a hand tooled leather belt can be a statement of your Western lifestyle. For this reason Vogt Silversmiths offers a wide selection of styles including a 1 ¼” -3/4” taper, 1 ½” – 1” taper, 1 ½” straight and a Ranger Style 1 ½” wide with a ¾” billet in a number of patterns and colors including a traditional russet, saddle brown, black, chocolate and two-tone combinations.

If you are looking for a vintage rendition of a hand tooled belt – Vogt Silversmiths offers a two-tone, floral belt with a white or black buck stitch that characterizes the look of the 70’s and Vogt Silversmiths can design a custom, hand tooled belt from any of our selection of patterns and colors.

A member of the Vogt Silversmiths Customer Service Team can assist you in the selection and sizing of one of our hand tooled belts and to create a custom belt for you.

Please visit the FAQs in the “About Vogt” section of our website for additional recommendations on sizing and care instructions for your Vogt hand tooled leather belt.


Selecting the Appropriate Size Belt

The general rule in selecting the appropriate size belt is to add 2” to your pant size. For example, a man that wears a 38” waist pant would most likely require a 40” belt. Based upon this recommendation a properly fit belt will buckle in the center hole, allowing the buckle to sit directly over the button of the pants and the keepers and tip to sit on either side of the pant loops.

If you have a belt and are not sure of its size, lay the belt out and measure from the middle hole back to the “turn back” of the strap, (i.e., the end of the strap where the buckle attaches).


Care for Your Vogt Hand Tooled Western Belt

Leather is a natural fiber and will darken and age over time, as it is subjected to various conditions the leather should be nourished with a quality leather conditioner. If the leather needs a thorough cleaning, due to salt perspiration, it is recommended to use soap and water and pat dry. Once the leather is dry it is important to condition the leather.

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