Celebrating 20 Years of Chet Vogt Signature Buckles

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Chet Vogt Maker Signature Collection. We're thrilled to share the origin story of how this iconic collection came to be! 


Back in 2002, all Vogt stock products were crafted with 14 karat solid gold adornment. Although these pieces carry an unconditional lifetime guarantee, we received requests for Vogt products using 14 karat and 18 karat gold fill only. In response to the demand, an exclusive line named The Chet Vogt Maker Signature Collection was born. 



Each piece in the new collection was meticulously designed, each buckle both completely unique to the collection and at comparable price points.

The building of each Chet Vogt Signature Series buckle requires the work of only Vogt's most skilled craftsmen. Structurally, we decided that the materials would be thicker giving the pieces more weight. Since these pieces are more intricate and require many different steps to build, attention to detail is critical.

The final catalog for the original collection contained 13 styles, of which two are still part of the collection today; The Chet Vogt Filigree Ranger and The Chet Vogt Filigree 14K Gold Star


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Interested in learning more about the Vogt quality difference? Read about what sets our gold fill products apart here.


Hi Tug, good to hear from you!

Thanks for the picture you emailed Chet, we love to hear from our customers. Hope to see you at the next market :)

- customer service

customer service June 10, 2022

Chet: looking good on the drawing board, Sir! At the Denver Mart I was working for American West next door. Always enjoy stopping at your show room and talking with you
about our industry. Vogt silver is the best! Always enjoy wearing Vogt when I am working
with Smoky at the dealers. Under separate cover will send a picture of one of my old favorites, and it just gets better!
Tug. Smoky Mountian Boots

Tug Ross June 08, 2022

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