Life On The Ranch: Hershey, The Chocolate Dipped Cow

Vogt presents: Life On the Ranch, a series of short stories, photos, and videos sharing snapshots from the Vogt family cattle ranches. Written by Angela Vogt.

We were gathering the cows and calves from a mountain pasture when Cody came across a cow in a bog. The cow, as it turns out, had recently fallen into a bottomless spring. The bog/spring had about a 10 inch lip so the cow could not climb out. Picture this: a 1400-pound bovine suspended in a deep hole of boggy MUD!

Cody located me and I located Chet. The three of us then decided to try to extract the cow from her mud bath by placing two ropes on her and pulling her out with our horses. Chet was riding Shotgun and I was on Skeeter Red. Cody was able to place both ropes on the suspended cow, as she was getting more and more angry with him. Chet and I got our horses positioned on the downhill side of the bog for better leverage to pull Hershey out. Now mind you, extracting a rather LARGE bovine out of her mud bath is no easy task. But finally, after three tries, Hershey was free!!

As the cow lay there, Cody was able to quickly loosen and pull off the ropes. My rope was on the ground when the cow got up, and getting the rope back proved to be another challenge. As you can imagine, as a female being physically pulled out of her spa day, Hershey was not happy. So she had it out for Cody who was afoot. He had her attention (more than he wanted!) and was able to attract her away from the rope on the ground. She was quicker than he realized and chased Cody over a down tree. Chet retrieved my rope with a stick as he was not about to get on the ground with an irate cow on the loose.

All in a days work when dealing with cattle...


Since it's 2020, we have it all on video. Enjoy!  

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