The Legacy of the Ranger Belt

The history of the Ranger Belt dates back to the days of the 1840’s, when the west was wild, untamed and every man made his own destiny.  The ease of weapon retrieval was critical for cowboys, Rangers and the U.S. Army alike, whether out on their own traveling the countryside from city to city or engaging in close range combat.  Read on to learn more about the origin of one of the most popular western accessories.

Born Out of Practicality

Right around the late 1840’s the need for repeating pistols was becoming necessary. Shortly after, the industrialist, Samuel Colt joined into negotiations with a young Samuel Walker, Texas Ranger turned U.S. Army man, for the sales of the Colt Paterson revolver. Together in 1847 the duo developed and improved upon the single action Colt, resulting in the revolver known as the Walker Colt.  The finished product resulted in a weighty hand gun substantially heavier than traditional pistols. This created a problem with the customary practice of tucking pistols into waistbands or into sashes worn around the waist.  As a mimic of the saddle scabbard used for hold rifles while riding horseback, gun belts and holsters were born out of practicality. With a wider more durable billet leather behind the buckle strap the life of a ranger belt can easily be prolonged, making this gun belt a useful tool for lawmen and gunslingers both.

Russet Basket Weave Ranger Belt


The Evolution into Vogt Fashion

This style of gun belt was popularized by Texas Rangers after becoming an integral part of their unofficial “uniform” as portrayed in many Hollywood Western movies.  Characteristically, western belts are wider and heavier than most other fashion belts and are often tooled similarly to the patterns tooled on western saddles.   Our belts feature the same high quality standards as a required by a Texas Ranger, with a basket stamped pattern or a fully tooled russet or black option.  From their origin as a gun belt to its present day status as a classic piece of western Americana, Vogt Ranger belts are historically rich platforms for one of our handmade Vogt four piece buckle set.


Hi Harry! Both of these styles are ranger styles, enjoy!

Vogt Staff April 09, 2021

Thank you for sharing this article. I have quite a lot of different belts but ranger belts have always kept me on my toes. Also, I am from Texas and that’s true that ranger belt were originated here. Now, I want to buy even more for my fashion and to flaunt my authority wearing them, so do you have some. I was checking your belt section and it shows nothing like ranger belts. If possible please share the link! I will be waiting.

Harry Smoot April 09, 2021

I’m looking for your catalog of Ranger belts but can’t seem to find them on this site. Do you still make them? I just left the Dallas Safari Club Convention (01/11/2020) and visited your booth. I saw the belt I wanted in my size, but I couldn’t get the ladies working there to assist me. So I left and decided to order on line, now I can’t find it…. Please help!

David Dodd January 11, 2020

I seem to be having difficulty in finding the order page for the ranger belt.

Brad Landon November 16, 2018

Thank you for all of the support Don, we appreciate you being such a great customer.
-Vogt Staff

VOGT November 15, 2018

Vogt Buckles & Belt have always been my favorite western attire,

Charles November 14, 2018

Greetings Vogt Staff,
Thank you for the brief history of “Ranger” belts and buckles. Indeed, necessity is usually the mother of invention (someone before me once said). I have had my first Vogt buckle set for about forty years now; it is a good as new! That’s why I have been acquiring new sets for family members recently! Please continue with your great quality of materials and workmanship as well as your courteous staff.

Don Pidcock, NJ November 14, 2018

You guys are absolutely right, I got my photos backwards. I will correct the mistake.

Jaci Schmauderer November 14, 2018

It is indeed my friend Joaquin Jackson.

Stuart November 14, 2018

The above picture is not Samuel Walker it is late former Texas Ranger Joaquin Jackson 11/12/1935-06/15/2016, years of service 1966-1993.

MICKEY DORSEY November 14, 2018

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