#071-414-5 The Caballero

#071-414-5 The Caballero
SKU: 071-414-5

  • $599.00

A stunning set made of antiqued sterling, The Caballero, is hand cut with a running filigree pattern and accented with smooth sterling bands and a three-dimensional star and disc. The cut-out filigree pattern is one of the most labor intensive accents we employ on our pieces.

The silversmith will first overlay the pattern on to the buckle set's base and then drill a tiny hole in the center of each cut-out. He then removes the blade from his jeweler's saw and passes it through the drilled hole, reassembles his saw, and cuts away the section. This process is repeated for each cut out section of this set! We feel like the results are well worth the effort...Item # 071-414-5.

Every engraved Vogt buckle set has a corner of the buckle's back hand engraved as well, and like all Vogt sterling items, it comes with the Vogt Family's Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee. 

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