Lawman Texas Ranger

Lawman Texas Ranger
SKU: 071-420-4/041-051

  • $499.00

Looking for a classic, Western belt and buckle combination?

Look no further, Vogt Silversmiths has paired a classic, sterling silver hand engraved buckle set to compliment a Ranger style, hand tooled basket weave belt. Available in Black or Russet.

It takes just two easy steps; 

  1. Select the size of the belt.
  2. Select your choice of color - Traditional Russet or Black.

We have made it just that easy!

Not sure what size to select? We suggest that you choose the size that is 2" larger than your pant size. If you wear a 36" pant or jean size you would select a size 38" belt.

Keep in mind our sterling silver buckle sets carry a life-time warranty and the belt is warrantied against craftsman defect. 


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