The Chet Vogt Gold Fever (Made to Order)


A beautiful contrast of hand cut solid 14 karat gold scroll work and cast flowers set against the darkened background of an antiqued, frosted sterling base. This set is designed with a brand new buckle shape that features a longer "leg" and balances nicely with a single keeper and longer tip. Each filigreed cut out requires a tremendous amount of work as the silversmith must assemble and disassemble his jeweler's saw to cut each opening, which creates a hollowed, domed effect with the buckle.

As The CV Gold Fever is in the Chet Vogt Signature Series, the gauge of sterling is heavier and Chet's signature is found on the backs of each buckle. In addition, both the buckle and tip backs are also fully hand engraved.

As with all Vogt sterling pieces, this set comes with the Vogt Family's Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee.

***Please note that due to the meticulous hand-crafted nature of this item, it is made only upon ordering and will take 4-6 weeks to deliver.***

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