#071-410-5 The Banded Tucson

#071-410-5 The Banded Tucson
SKU: 071-410-5

  • $709.00

A very clean, low profile, solid sterling buckle set, The Banded Tucson, is fully hand engraved and then accented with a single, hand cut horizontal band of 14 karat gold fill. The entire set is then polished to a bright finish. While it appears to be a four-piece set, the "two" keepers are actually one and attached on the backside to ensure that they remain straight and parallel. Item # 071-410-5.

Every engraved Vogt buckle set has a corner of the buckle's back hand engraved as well, and like all Vogt sterling items, it comes with the Vogt Family's Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee. 

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