The Story Behind The Jackson Buckle Series

We recently shared a video of a Chet wearing a buckle from his personal collection and received an overwhelming customer response. Many of you wanted to know more about the piece, designed in a unique shape invented by Chet Vogt years ago. We decided to share the whole story. Enjoy Chet’s retelling of the buckle’s history and its contribution to the renowned Vogt line of Jackson Buckles!

"About 25 years ago, I decided I wanted a unique styled buckle set for my personal use.  I designed the sterling silver set with a new and noteworthy shape, edged in 14-karat gold half round, 14-karat gold monogram, and detail scrollwork, topped with black stones to accent the design.


After wearing this set for many years, it went into a drawer in favor of other newer Vogt pieces. Two years ago, my wife Angela saw the abandoned buckle and suggested I resurrect the product due to the uniqueness of details and design.

Chet Vogt wearing his original Jackson Buckle design with Western model and style leader Shaley Ham at the Dallas Market. 

After receiving so much positive feedback on this buckle, we designed several more complementary pieces in the same unique shape, and the Jackson Series was born. Our talented silversmiths have crafted many custom pieces for customers based on my original design."

Continue the story with your own Jackson Buckle. For those interested in bringing to life their own unique piece, contact our team to begin your design journey. You can also shop several of our in-stock designs from the Jackson Series below.


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Great work ! I m looking for a Tapered belt 3/4" to 1/2 " point with all the silver conchos\buckle\belt tip ? In exotic leather / leather tan or black in color ? Thank you ?

Luis Gutierrez March 11, 2022

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