Notes From the Ranch: Thankful for Rain


We spend our winters in what is called a Mediterranean climate here in Elk Creek, California. That means that we normally receive our rainfall in months November through May. This is normally our growing season for our winter forage.

For the past several years this has not been the case. In fact, the 19/20/21 season was one of the worst on record for rainfall. 

Enter 2021. We began receiving warm rains in late October. We had more rain (7 inches ) in November than we received the previous 12 months. And the rain has not stopped, as we are blessed with regular showers each week.

As shown in the accompanying photos (same pond September and December this year), the ponds are full, the creeks are running and the grass is green.

As good as things look at this time, I have been in the cattle business long enough to know you can’t count your calves before they are born, nor count your rainfall before it hits the ground – so far so good, but we are praying for a wet spring.

Stay tuned,



I love Elk Creek and have friends and relatives there. It’s so beautiful now. I too, hope for continued rain in the coming months!
Love your blog too!

Sarah Flemming January 11, 2022

Chet: Keep the faith, good friend! I know you are doing all you can to dam up the running water, every drop counts. My Dad used to say: lots of water and high grass
mean healthy calves on the way. I still have fond memories of those years growing up.
Stay safe and healthy in’22!

Tug Ross January 11, 2022

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