Notes From The Ranch: Spring On Elk Creek Ranch

It is now June in a very curious and challenging year on the ranch. As most people are aware, we are in the clutches of extreme drought — comparable to 1944 and 1987 — probably worse. 

Many people are reducing herd size or completely liquidating their livestock. Cost of hay to feed is exceptionally high because of low inventory due to these same drought conditions. Long-term survivors know you cannot feed your way out of a drought. 

We spent the summer months in the high desert country of South Central Oregon. Our summer pastures are dependent on the run-off from the winter’s snowpack. No snow, no runoff. We have rented some additional pasture and sold some older cows to get us through the summer. 

As the summer progresses, we in the cattle business look forward to an early wet fall season where we will have a bountiful grass crop. That forecast does not come from a crystal ball, but merely an optimist and a survivor.

More later. 

Chet Vogt 

Photos From Spring Branding

Photography credit: Kenny Calhoun

Pictured: NEW Johnny Bones Daytime CuffNEW The Filigree Scallop Bloom

Pictured: NEW Johnny Bones Daytime CuffThe Sawyer 14K Ring

 Pictured:The Ranch Hand BuckleRusset Running Oak Leaf Belt

Pictured: The Ranch Hand BuckleRusset Running Oak Leaf Belt

Pictured: Russet and Dark Brown Floral Diagonal Tooled Flask

Pictured: Giant Saddle Brown Running Leaf FlaskThe Ranch Hand BuckleRusset Running Oak Leaf Belt

Pictured: The Clay Men's Ring

Pictured: The 1 1/2" Pecos Gold StarSaddle Brown Over Under Leaf BeltThe Clara Countryside Hoop

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Thanks, Chet! Your looking like a movie star out there! The western industry is a major part of what makes this country great, and we will “shine” on the backside of these tough times! Keep the positive news coming from Vogt! All best and good health to all!
Tug Ross Smoky Mountian Boot

Tug Ross June 25, 2021

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