Summer Silver on the Ranch with Allison Wiens

Summer is the perfect season for silver. Light, bright, and breezy, the right silver jewelry adds style and a touch of elegance to warm weather wear. While modeling our new Wild Game Jewelry Collection, we asked Vogt ambassador Allison Wiens to share a few of her favorite Vogt pieces for the season.  

 Allison wears The Trophy Bugler Hoops and The Trophy Ram Charm Bracelet.

Based in Colorado, Allison is part of a 5th generation ranching family near Sedalia. Allison and her husband run their cattle operation and direct-to-consumer beef business. Allison shares her ranch life through her social media, connecting with a broad urban audience to help consumers learn more about where their food comes from. She's also a ranch mom raising two boys. Get to know a little more about Allison and shop her favorite silver picks for summer on the ranch! 

Allison, thank you for taking the time to share with us and our Vogt readers! To start with, can you tell us a little about yourself and your family?

My name is Allison Wiens. I was born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado. I started dancing when I was 8 years old and was a competitive dancer into my young 20s. At the time, no one could convince me otherwise that dancing would be a part of my life for forever, until I met my husband who introduced me to the world of agriculture. For the past 11 years we have helped run his family’s ranch in Sedalia, Colorado where we live now with our two boys, Henry Hawker and Boone. After years in the cattle industry we decided in 2021 to start our own Direct to Consumer beef business alongside Travis’ parents. This new venture has proven to be challenging but incredibly gratifying.

How did you and Travis meet?


Travis and I were just friends who would occasionally hang out along with a big group of people for fun weekends in Denver, ski trips to Breckinridge, and random costume parties hosted by our other friends. On Sundays, after church, I’d go to brunch with my parents and grandmother and talk about my eventful weekend adventures; apparently always talking way too much about how funny Travis was because my mom’s reaction to my stories all led to her asking, “Sooo, do you like Travis?” And, “Maybe you should date Travis…” This conversation between my mom and I continued for months, and eventually I realized she might be right, as most mothers are! I asked Travis out on our first date and knew I was going to marry him.


By sharing your life on the Wiens Ranch you help educate people about the Western lifestyle and the ranching industry. Tell us how it all started for you.

I originally started my IG page as an outlet for me to show my creativity and passion for Western fashion. The ag education part of my page developed organically and kind of all on its own. I began sharing our everyday life on the ranch and started receiving questions about our operation which fueled me to learn more and share the knowledge I have gained. I found that sharing our life and operation in a relatable and transparent way has created a sense of community with the people on our page. 

As a Vogt ambassador, you incorporate our Western silver into your life on and off the ranch. What inspires and informs your fashion sense?

My fashion sense has been inspired by taking classic and timeless western looks and adding unique and different flairs that represent my personality. I’m a firm believer that just because we live and smell like dirt and manure 24/7 doesn’t mean we can’t look cute and wear pretty jewelry at the same time. 

Allison wears The Trophy Ram Charm Bracelet and The Trophy Bugler Hoops.

We love how you've styled our Wild Game CollectionTell us about your connection with these pieces?

The Wild Game Collection has a special meaning to me. Growing up in Colorado, my family and I were constantly traveling to the mountains. We were always skiing, camping, listening to the elk bugle in Estes Park; participating in any and all activities we could do outdoors! My dad and brothers have always been huge hunters, and now I’m married to one as well!

Which other Vogt pieces are you reaching for this summer?


The Kimberley Going Out Earrings are my favorite! Hands down they are breathtaking, simple, and functional. Any woman would be flattered to receive these! 

I’ve always admired the quality and craftsmanship of Vogt pieces and find myself proud to wear their artwork.

I consistently find myself reaching for The Clara Big City Hoops and The South Rim Cuff. These pieces go with everything, are easy to style, and are great everyday jewelry for me.

Any Western style trends you can predict for us this season? 

Western fashion is timeless. Fringe, leather, cowhide, suede, denim, silver, turquoise; these are staples. Sure, western fashion might dabble with metallics or introduce floral pieces, but we will always gravitate towards the classic originals.


For busy moms looking to add some Western inspiration to their daily look, which Vogt pieces would you recommend?

The Russet Running Oak Leaf Belt is one of my favorite Vogt pieces. The versatility of Vogt belts is limitless. Sassy and classy!  

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