Top Belt & Buckle Combinations: Shop the Guide!

Bestselling Belt & Buckle Combos For Men

The style of the American Cowboy has been shaped by weather, work, and necessity, but always leaves space for self-expression and flair. This is evident in the classic leather belt and silver buckle: A piece of essential gear that doesn't miss a chance at art, quality, and individuality while getting a job done. This timeless silhouette has become synonymous with confidence, pride in one's work, all-American originality, and little swagger. Whether your daily arena is corporate America or the Wild West, Vogt's high-quality leather belts and industry-leading sterling silver buckles will show them what you're made of.


The Chet Vogt Austin Buckle Set (similar) | Saddle Brown Over Under Leaf Belt (Taper)


Rumson Roulette Buckle | Genuine Alligator Belt in Black


Leather belt and Longhorn trophy buckle

The Stockyards Trophy Buckle | Russet Running Oak Leaf Belt (Taper)


The Sentry Buckle Black Basket Weave Pattern Belt


Johnny Bones Trophy Buckle | Running Oak Leaf Bison Belt


The Rope Edged JacksonBlack Basket Weave Pattern Belt


The Trail Drive Trophy BuckleRed Cherry Floral Belt


The Gold Beaded JacksonRunning Oak Leaf Bison Belt


The Rope Edged Jackson | Russet Basket Weave Pattern Belt


Bestselling Belt & Buckle Combos For Women

Sexy and stylish, there's no one like a cowgirl. Her jeans may be faded and her boots may be dirty, but with a buckle on her hips and a swing in her step, she owns every room she enters. Confident, non-conformist, entirely herself, Vogt's series of leather belts and fine silver buckles are made for the dangerous woman with fire in her soul. Whether you're a cowgirl or channeling the cowgirl spirit, your Vogt belt and buckle will become your signature; part of the legends they tell about you.


The Pecos Gold StarRusset Running Oak Leaf Belt


The L.O.D.O. Buckle | Black Buck Stitch Russet Floral Belt


Beaded Mesquite Buckle Smooth Bison Pull-Up in Black


Johnny Bones Channel BuckleBlack Floral Pattern Belt


The Sentinel Buckle Black Floral Pattern Belt


The Louisa May Buckle | The Two Tone Black Russet Floral Belt


Our belt and buckle combinations are endless, and there is no wrong way to style them! Express yourself and your unique style. Be sure to let us know your favorite belt and buckle combo from Vogt Silversmiths in the comments!

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