The Chet Vogt Frisco

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$1,699.00 USD

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This stunning CV Maker 3-piece Buckle Set is hand-crafted sterling silver in our classically engraved style. The twisted rope edge is accented with beading on the keeper and tip. The look is very similar to The Beaded Mesquite 1" buckle set. The New Chet Vogt Frisco is a must-have for your CV Maker collection.

As this set is in the Chet Vogt Signature series, it is made with a heavier gauge of sterling silver and the backs of the buckle and tip are fully hand engraved. Chet's signature can also found on the back of each buckle.

Fits a 1" belt, pictured below on a Black Ostrich Belt . See our full exotic belt selection.

Buckles sold separately, meaning without keepers and tip, at approx. 50% off listed price. Please contact our office for more information or to order.

Every engraved Vogt buckle set has a corner of the buckle's back hand engraved as well, and like all Vogt sterling items, it comes with the Vogt Family's Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee.