Three Mother's Day Collections

Moms deserve the world! But if the world is out of your budget this Mother’s Day, may we suggest jewelry? 

In honor of Mom, we’ve put together three collections she’ll adore. We’re pairing this shopping guide with FREE shipping for Mother’s Day! 

Shop gorgeous heirloom silver she’ll love in the style that suits her best. Or, send her a link to this guide and a Vogt gift card so she can shop for herself! 

Vintage Soul


She loves old movies, her style is timeless, she raised you with unfading love and values that will guide you for life. She’s old school in the best ways. We created this collection for the Mom with timeless style and an affinity for vintage beauty. Each piece is heirloom quality and, as always, backed by our lifetime guarantee.

Vogt Silversmiths Barrettes NEW The Petite Redondo Barrette 

The Petite Redondo Barrette

The Midnight Luna Earrings

Vogt Silversmiths Bracelets The South Rim Cuff

The South Rim Cuff

Vogt Silversmiths Rings 027-2305 The Abigail Ring

The Abigail Ring

Other 1" Buckle Sets The Rope Edge Rancher

The Rope Edge Rancher

The Eliza Earrings


Boho Dreamer


Whimsical, airy designs in sparkling silver, perfect for the mom with a free spirit and a big heart. She loves nature, she appreciates quality, and she values ethical production—all important to us here at Vogt, too.

Vogt Silversmiths Earrings NEW! The Lydia Teardrops 

The Lydia Teardrop Earrings

Vogt Silversmiths Bracelets NEW! The Lydia Cuff

The Lydia Cuff

The Classic Danielle Buckle Set

Vogt Silversmiths Rings NEW! The Lydia Ring

The Lydia Ring

Vogt Silversmiths Pendants NEW! The Lydia Pendant

The Lydia Pendant

Vogt Silversmiths 1" Buckle Sets NEW! The Midland Buckle Set

The Midland Buckle Set

Vogt Silversmiths Barrettes The Filigree Duchess Barrette

The Filigree Duchess Barrette


Cowgirl Spirit


Whether she’s a horse girl IRL or at heart, these Western classics will let her inner cowgirl shine. Vogt is the trusted brand for fine Western silver. She’ll love that you’re gifting her the real thing. If anyone deserves the best, it's Mom!



The Willow Cuff

Vogt Silversmiths Earrings NEW The Silver Canyon

The Silver Canyon Earrings

The Saddle Up Buckle Set

The Dakota Ring

The Whitney Cross

Vogt Silversmiths Rings NEW! The Indigo Sky

The New Indigo Sky Ring


From our Vogt team, happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers and mother figures out there! The women who love us, raise us, and shape us deserve all the love and thanks every day. Today especially, we're celebrating YOU!

Photographer: Crystal Gibson
Model: Jody Brooks

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