Vogt Feature: Marijka Hunsaker

Marijka Hunsaker is one of the top influencers and models in the Western social media and fashion world! Vogt Silversmiths has been working with Marijka for many years. We had the chance to sit down with her and ask about her background, what inspires her, and her style predictions. Enjoy! 

Marijka wears: The Engraved Royale Hoop, The Clara Concho Pendant

Let's start with an introduction. Could you tell the readers a bit about yourself?

Hey ya'll, my name is Marijka Hunsaker, I am 26 in May and a social media influencer that specializes in fashion, specifically western fashion. I am from Utah and now live in Idaho with my husband and two dogs. I do social media full time and my husband builds homes and works in construction. We enjoy razor riding, camping, road trips, and fishing in the summer, and I tolerate winter while my husband lives to snowmobile. We live a simple good life, making memories as we go. 

Marijka wears: The Blair Bangle, The Silver Daytime CuffThe Engraved Royale HoopThe Clara Concho Pendant

Tell us about your journey to becoming a Western style influencer and trendsetter!

I grew up showing steers at the county fair and went to an agriculture college, and I feel like that is where my love for cowboy boots started. I bought my first pair of "fashion" boots to go swing dancing in and now own over 30 pairs of western boots and booties. My good friend introduced me to turquoise jewelry and over the years I have grown my knowledge and love for authentic jewelry and even have a little collection.
started my social media journey four years ago. At first I shared selfies and mirror pictures of my outfits. Then I started shopping small with boutiques here in Utah that carry Western fashion. Early on I decided I couldn't find a lot of inspo of modest western wear so I became someone who represented that side of Western fashion. Today I work with many small Western-based businesses. On my page I share a lot of fashion but I also share home decor, DIY projects, photography and modeling tips, easy recipes, and more from my day-to-day life.


What is it about the West that inspires you?

The West inspires me in so many ways. It's the determination of cowboys, farmers, and ranchers to do what they love. It's the young cow-kids being raised with the very best childhood. It's the homesteading parents making a house a home. It's the respect young adults have for others. It's the never-give-up attitude. The Western culture is just admirable, it inspires me daily in my life. 
I'd describe my style as conservative. A lot of what I wear is classy, modest, and timeless. I do throw in a few trendy looks now and again but I love mixing new with old and creating something anyone could wear. 

Marijka wears: The Blair Bangle, The Sweet Clara Eartag PendantThe Sculpted New YorkerRusset Running Oak Leaf Belt

What philosophy guides you as you design new looks?

I love to put a Western spin on a look. It doesn't matter what I am wearing, I can make anything Western with the right pair of boots, a belt, jewelry, cowboy hat or a wild rag. Accessories can complete an outfit and make it what you want it to be!

Marijka wears: The Rodeo Sweetheart Earrings, The Heart of the West RingThe Blair BangleThe Silver Daytime CuffThe Sweet Clara Eartag PendantThe Sculpted New YorkerRusset Running Oak Leaf Belt

We’ve noticed a trend shift in the wind. What are some of your predictions for this year in Western fashion?

The 2000s are back! I don't know how I feel about Y2K fashion. I am seeing low- waisted baggy pants, mini skirts, and tiny tops. I probably will not be participating in that side of the fashion trends! I am seeing neon colors (I have seen neon cowboy boots and cowboy hats). The "cowboy boots paired with everything" trend is here to stay for another year, too! 

Marijka wears: The Heart of the West Ring, The Sweet Clara Eartag PendantThe Sculpted New YorkerRusset Running Oak Leaf Belt

You’ve been a Vogt model and icon for several years now. Can you tell us why you partner with Vogt?

I have partnered with Vogt for years and I feel blessed to have that relationship. Vogt designs TIMELESS and CLASSY jewelry pieces. The craftsmanship and detail of every Vogt piece...incredible. I bought my first Vogt piece a year before Vogt even knew who I was. I bought my Clara Going Out Ring from a local country store and wore it every day, as my following grew I got questions about the ring constantly, I found Vogt's instagram and was able to tag them and from there we formed a relationship. I partnered with Vogt because I genuinely love their stuff, our partnership didn't start randomly, it started because I supported them first and they supported me back. 
The love is mutual, we adore Marijka! Thank you so much for sharing your story and incredible fashion sense with our Vogt readers. You can follow Marijka on Instagram here!
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